Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cadillac Moon Ensemble

Cadillac Moon Ensemble
Look at these guys. How can you say no to these guys?

Cadillac Moon Ensemble

This is a band whose repertoire is as colorful as its name. What exactly is a Cadillac moon? I don't know, but I suspect it's something that's high speed and beautiful. This band of four features Patti on violin, Meaghan on cello, Roberta on flute, and Sean on percussion. They've been called "commission-crazed"by Time Out NY, but I don't think there's anything crazy about that.

I thought I'd highlight one piece they performed that embodies the relaxed cool air of the season. Autumn has always seemed to have a certain magic. It's in the suddenly lighter air and in the leaves' change of color. The way the music unfolds in Timo Andres' Trade Secrets is much like the subtle changes the leaves undergo, from deep green to soft yellow to fiery red and orange. Halfway through, the melody alters course cued by its reincarnation in the violin's harmonics. The music goes from warm and quiet to cold and sharp, much like how the new colder mornings foreshadow the daylong colds of winter; it works itself up into a frenzy like a harsh autumn wind and then quickly falls down to pizzacato. The melody's final state is one of ephemeral beauty. I wish I could loop it indefinitely much like how I wish I could freeze time when all the trees are their most vibrant and the air is full of the scent of burning firewood. If you find yourself loving this piece as much as I did, you might want to take advantage of the FREE download.

C.M.E.'s Fall Fundraiser

The group had a fundraiser concert event to kick off their upcoming season. If you missed it, you can still give to their IndieGoGo campaign and get cool swag in return! With a $100 donation you get a free lesson among other things, but there are equally cool gifts at lower levels. Cadillac Moon Ensemble is a fine band to support, if only to perpetuate their insatiable appetite for new (and awesome) music. 


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