Sunday, December 22, 2013

(almost all) classical winter playlist

winter playlist 2014

There are some pieces that are so idyllic of a certain moment. Here are a few of my favorite pieces, both new and old, that are staples for me for a winter playlist. Hopefully, you'll think of snowball fights and reunions with these, too. Included are movements from the "Dumky" Trio by Antonin Dvorak. The textures of that sonata perfectly embody the images and textures of winter, and I strongly recommend hearing all of it. I also added Timo Andres' You Broke It, You Bought It, which I only recently discovered in the past month. I want to know the meaning behind the name, because what I imagine when I hear that phrase and how this piece sounds are so different. I love the interaction between the acoustic guitar and marimba (and I just plain love the acoustic guitar and marimba!). The interplay simply magical. The latter half seems almost an afterthought but rounds out nicely ending the same way it began--with the quiet shimmer of cymbals. 

I'll probably end up adding that track to my lazy summer playlist, too. 


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